You are ambitious, determined, driven, passionate and goal-oriented, which means you are a high-achieving individual!

Are you also self-critical, have self-doubt and a fear of failure? It’s exhausting, I know.

This is how The Alchemist Dentist came to be.

My name is Dr. Jessica E. Metcalfe and I, too, experience the impostor phenomenon.

The Impostor Phenomenon is where your internal experience (feelings) do not match your external achievements (the facts).

This can be problematic.

Worry, stress, anxiety and potential burnout are all possible when you are a high-achieving individual and experience The Impostor Phenomenon.

Want to take the next step?

Dr. Metcalfe

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Feeling like an impostor on your own life and want to think different? I get it. Lets work to change those thoughts!

You are not an impostor on your own life.
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Interested in a specific topic and want to share the information with others?

Bring Dr. Metcalfe to speak at your next event.
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Questioning if you’re coming up with the appropriate treatment plan for your cancer patient?

Want a second set of eyes and ears to bounce ideas off?
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Dr. Jessica E. Metcalfe wants to reach out to anyone who wants to help themselves change their mindsets. That ranges from conquering the feeling of impostor phenomenon to feeling more comfortable treating the cancer patient in their dental clinic.

We know the phrase “knowledge is power” . . . so by always wanting to learn, we will continue to grow!

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