You are ambitious, determined, driven, passionate and goal-oriented, which means you are a high-achieving individual!

Are you also self-critical, have self-doubt and a fear of failure? It’s exhausting, I know.

This is how The Alchemist Dentist came to be.

My name is Dr. Jessica E. Metcalfe and I, too, experience the impostor phenomenon.

The Impostor Phenomenon is an internal experience of intellectual phoniness when in fact you are a high-achieving, successful and accomplished woman.

This can be problematic.

Worry, stress, anxiety and potential burnout are all possible when you are a high-achieving individual and experience The Impostor Phenomenon.

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Dr. Jessica E. Metcalfe is a general dentist at a cancer centre and an international speaker on treating the cancer patient. She is smart, ambitious, driven and some would say successful. Yet, she didn’t believe any of that. She would discount her achievements and attribute her successes to luck, error by others and people she knew.

She noticed she would work longer hours to predict and prevent mistakes. She would over deliver because her standards were set unrealistically high. She would look for mistakes instead of praising her successes. Lastly, she endured years of stress, anxiety and multiple bouts of burnout.

She was unaware that she was motivated by the fear of failing, self-doubt, and self-critical thinking. Over the coming years, Dr. Metcalfe gradually started to educate herself on the thoughts, feelings and behaviours she was experiencing also known as: Imposter Syndrome.

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